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The World Wide Web is made for Everyone

Whether it be finding out about a forthcoming event, learning about a subject, gaining inspiration for sports or arts or merely just for entertainment, everything is out there somewhere.
Unfortunately sometimes, particularly for the older generation, the web can be a daunting place, one that can sometimes be an unsafe environment and a “made for experts” experience.
Web of the Week is there to help senior citizens and their families find safe, interesting, uplifting and inspiring stories to add some fun to our daily routines.
And as you enjoy the articles and videos that we have carefully hand-picked, we want you to develop your computer skills so that you can explore and enjoy more for yourself.
Whatever your background, whatever your age, whatever your level of expertise, Web of the Week is there to help you. It really is your trustworthy door to the wonders of the World Wide Web
Guy Vellacott

Our Mission has 3 key elements

Every Sunday Web of the Week publishes links to 10 interesting and uplifting things from the internet, from a wide range of areas of interest
We are developing a library of short and simple tips in order to help you use the internet and your computer
We want to develop more services to help everyone feel more safe and confident in using the internet, helping to increase quality of life and reduce isolation and loneliness.

Meet the Web of the Week Family

Guy Vellacott (26), Technology Specialist

Iain Vellacott (60), PR Adviser and Artist

Guy has been brought up in a family where doing good is the best thing you can do. When he heard Granny saying that she was so disappointed not to have seen a live opera performance on Youtube, he decided that it was time to do something. Passionate about technology and discovery, he set about using his spare time to help others benefit from the wonders of the World Wide Web.  
Iain & his wife Rosie are the foundation blocks for Guy’s vision and values. In 2005 they upped-sticks from Northamptonshire, packed their 3 boys into the back of a campervan and set off in search of an adventure. They ended up spending the next 15 years living in South West France where they loved being involved and helping in many aspects of the local community. For his normal job Iain spends many long hours scouring the internet, and the gems he finds for our readers are something special.

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