Tip of the Week: How to “Bookmark”

How to bookmark a website

What are bookmarks?


Bookmarks are a very useful tool.  They will help you by creating shortcuts to your favourite websites.  This will avoid you getting lost in the 2 billion websites that there are out there, that we talked about in our introduction video last week.

Watch the video below to find out some top tips on bookmarking.

If you would like some help, click on one of the buttons below

  • Make sure that your volume is turned up.
  • Click on the play button in the middle of the video below to start the video.
  • If you are new to computers and ipads we would suggest that you watch the video like that and if you want to move on just push the “Home” button above to go back to the main menu
  • For those with a little more experience you can increase the size of the screen by clicking on the square icon found in the bottom right-hand corner of the video screen.
  • If the controls at the bottom of the video disappear just hover your mouse or push your finger on that area and they will reappear.
  • You can pause at any time by clicking anywhere on the video screen. Or you can move the circle at the bottom to go forwards or backwards.
  • There is no need to stop the video – but if you are in “full screen” mode you will need to revert to normal view (Esc on a computer)
  • And then just click Home at the top of this page to go back to our main menu.

Bookmark guides for other browsers

Safari (iPads too)

  •  Click on this icon
  •  Click on Add Bookmark
  •  Choose the folder you wish to save your bookmark to.  We recommend Bookmarks Menu
  • Choose the name of the bookmark
  • Click Add
  • To access the website you have bookmarked, click on this icon
  • The click on the bookmark you wish to access


  •  Click on the star – it will become blue
  • Choose a name and folder – we recommend Bookmarks Menu
  • Click Done
  •  Click on the icon below
  • Click on the Bookmark you wish to access

Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge favourite
  •  Click on the star – it will become black
  • Choose a name and folder – we recommend Favourites bar
  • Click Done
microsoft edge favourites
  • Your favourite is visible in the favourites bar

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