Keeping in touch via Video

Whilst we’re all trying to stay in doors as much as possible, we’ve been looking to communicate more and more with people without leaving our homes.

We therefore thought that it was the perfect time to introduce our third Web of the Week Tip, focusing on how you can learn or perfect your video calling skills!


Only click on links in emails from people you know and trust. It’s always worth double checking with them that they have sent you a link.

Web of the Week guides you through video calling

Here at Web of the Week, we realise that these tools often appear complex and “not made for you” at first sight.  Rest assured, the aim of the video below is to guide you through each step of beginning your video calling adventure.  And trust us, it’s worth it!

You’ll also get a chance to meet our special guest, so don’t miss out…


If you use a tablet rather than a computer (for example, an iPad), click here to see a video walking you through the steps on a tablet. It is very similar but there are some small differences!

As you saw in the video, we strongly advise you to download the app when using Zoom.  This is because your call’s quality will be higher (people will generally hear and see you better).  It will also be a lot easier when you wish to set up your own video call, as we will be showing you next week!

A helpful alternative

However, if you don’t feel confortable installing Zoom even after the video explanation, there is the possibility of joining a call without downloading. 

When you click on the link in the email that the person you trust sent you, a web page will appear that looks like this.  When it has fully loaded (can take a few seconds) click on “click here”, highlighted in red below. 

Then click on “Join from your browser”.

You will be prompted to enter your name, which is what the other people on the call will see.  You will also need to click on the box next to “I’m not a Robot” before you can proceed.

Then you can just follow the exact same steps as in the video!  

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