Adding a WoW Button on your tablet or Mobile

Following last week’s tip on how to bookmark, we have found something even better for you to simplify access to Web of the Week on your tablet. 

Just like you have a button on your tablet to access the internet, your emails or your Solitaire game, you can also have a button to access Web of the Week!

How to add a button to your Tablet or Mobile Home Screen

In order to achieve this, follow the simple steps below.  Before we start, here is what it looks like on my iPad.  Web of the Week is only one click away!

Web of the Week Home Button

Differences between Apple and Android

The demonstration below shows the exact process for an iPad.  However, don’t worry if you are on Android, the process is exactly the same! 

The only difference is the first button to click on, the Menu button on your internet browser.  

For Android users, it looks like this


For Apple users, it looks like this


Your Web of the Week button: Steps to Follow

1.  Enter into your internet browser (Safari or Chrome)

Click on the icon highlighted in Red below. 

Web of the Week Home Button

2.  Click on “Add to Home Screen”

Click on the button Add to Home Screen on the list of available actions.  

Web of the Week Home Button

3.  Click “Add”

Click on the button Add, highlighted in Yellow here.

And there you are!  Web of the Week is now only one click away, just like all of your other apps that you use every day. 

Hope that helped!

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