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Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus

Over the past couple of weeks, several Web of the Week followers who enjoy singing have kindly research a number of different options for “virtual choirs”, where people can sing along with others through their computer/tablet from the comfort of their own homes – either live or through a recording.

The general consensus is that the best one for us to recommend is Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus.

Many of you will know Gareth from his The Choir TV programmes and he is always fun, positive and good at explaining the more technical elements of singing.

The way that the Home Chorus works is that the whole thing is free and you can either login live every weekday at 5:30pm BST Monday to Friday or you can follow one of the past sessions.

This is what GR reported from of his experience –

Gareth Malone … naturally very professional … good sound quality … easy enough to register … and then stuff comes through to your e mail to provide you with the stuff you need for the rehearsals coming up that week. You would need to be happy downloading things on your computer. You get sheet music … it would be useful, though not at all essential, to read music. He rehearses the different parts online. During rehearsal you would be singing to yourself. But you can then do a recording of yourself singing your part … the instructions are clear enough but you need headphones, a computer and a phone that will make a film (you film yourself singing your part). You submit the recording and it becomes incorporated in the ‘full’ choir which is then shown at the end of the week. This, of course, you don’t have to do! You would need reasonable competency with technology. Type of music …. mainly easy listening songs, modern and older and some classical.

So why not give it a go?  It only takes about 30 minutes and, although Gareth encountered a few technical difficulties in the first session and perhaps spends a little too long on voice exercises, it really is quite fun and if you get hooked you can either move onto the next recording (there are another 41 to go) or you can jump straight to the live shows at 5.30pm (GMT) each weekday (for which you need to register here).

You can download the music here.  You want “Bring me Sunshine” at the bottom.  Please note that the download is a 7 page pdf of sheet music.


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