Lemn Sissay – The inspirational Chancellor

I wish we had had a Chancellor like Lemn Sissay when I was at University – his passion, commitment and enthusiasm are so inspiring!

Born in Wigan of Ethiopian descent, Lemn had a tough childhood, which included being thrown back into the care system at the age of 12.  He tells his story in a moving memoir entitled “My name is Why”.

Clearly a man of strong passions and integrity, Lemn has not allowed feelings of worthlessness to define his life.  Instead, by conscientiously focusing on staying “in the present” he has carved out an amazing career through his creative abilities as a master wordsmith.

Even though I don’t know Lemn it makes me proud to hear him talking in his Lancastrian accent about how Manchester feels like family to him.   

Manchester is so lucky to have him.


You can view his official website here.  The first page will be a video that you can watch by clicking the play button, but to enter into the site to see the rest you need to click on Enter Site in the top right-hand corner.

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