Paris Couture Fashion Week

When we decided we wanted to feature something from this week’s Paris Fashion Week we knew immediately who to ask to pick something special – the author Alicia Drake.

Described by Laure de Gramont as “the master painter of Parisian life”, Alicia lived in Paris for 25 years, writing about the fashion world and finding the inspiration for one of my Mum’s favourite novels, “I Love you too much”.

You should be able to buy both books at your local bookseller or Waterstones but you can also get them from Amazon by clicking on the images below.

Haute Couture (French for “high dressmaking”) is the creation of the highest quality one-off pieces by the most skilled artisans and craftsman.

Alicia’s choice, Giambattista Valli, is an Italian fashion designer.  His work can be seen on his website at

Fun fact!

A Brit, Charles Frederick Worth, is widely regarded to be the father of haute couture. 
Born in Lincolnshire in 1825, Worth moved to Paris at the age of 21 with £5 in his pocket and speaking no French.  I can relate to that!

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1 thought on “Paris Couture Fashion Week”

  1. Beautiful creations – just can’t think where I would wear one of those fabulous dresses. And those heels……

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