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SpaceX and Nasa collaborate 


Have you heard about the recent attempts to launch the Space X shuttle with Nasa Astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken aboard?  Unfortunately the first attempt on Wednesday 27th May 2020 was postponed due to an incoming tropical storm.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the coming days!

Visiting a space shuttle with Major General Charlie Bolden and Dr. Kathy Sullivan


We really enjoyed this visit of Discovery, the space shuttle that performed its first mission STS-41-D, from August 30 to September 5, 1984.  This video is a 360 degree visit of the space shuttle!  That means that as the video is playing, you can turn the camera yourself to see more, whilst Kathy and Charlie are speaking.  If you don’t feel confortable doing this, the video is also a great watch without moving your mouse. 

How to use the 360 visit of Discovery

  • When the video is playing, click anywhere on the video screen and hold your mouse or finger click down.  
  • At the same time, move your mouse around.  This will spin the camera and let you see more of the Space Shuttle!  
  • When you let go of your click, it will stay in that position.  Just click again and move your mouse to see the space shuttle from a different angle.
  • Rather than clicking and moving your mouse, you can also use the control arrows in the top left-hand corner. 
  • Scroll you mouse over the control arrows – they become whiter. 
  • Click on any of the arrows to move in that direction.

If you would like some help, click on one of the buttons below

  • Make sure that your volume is turned up.
  • Click on the play button in the middle of the video below to start the video.
  • If you are new to computers and ipads we would suggest that you watch the video like that and if you want to move on just push the “Home” button above to go back to the main menu
  • For those with a little more experience you can increase the size of the screen by clicking on the square icon found in the bottom right-hand corner of the video screen.
  • If the controls at the bottom of the video disappear just hover your mouse or push your finger on that area and they will reappear.
  • You can pause at any time by clicking anywhere on the video screen. Or you can move the circle at the bottom to go forwards or backwards.
  • There is no need to stop the video – but if you are in “full screen” mode you will need to revert to normal view (Esc on a computer)
  • And then just click Home at the top of this page to go back to our main menu.

Sharing Web of the Week with the Youngers

We therefore thought that it was the perfect time to share your personal knowledge about this fascinating world with your family and friends.  You may also be interested in finding out more about life on the Moon.  We have found some amazing resources that Airbus has published.  It is aimed for the younger generation, but you may enjoy it too! 

How did Web of the Week find this gem?

In his other life, Guy from Web of the Week works for Airbus, the European multinational aerospace corporation.  He has been working in close collaboration with colleagues on this project.  I strongly believe that it presents interesting, simple and understandable guidance on a subject that can sometimes feel unreachable. 


Julie Kitcher, Executive Vice President for Communications & Corporate Affaires at Airbus

Airbus will be sharing fun, educational content on a regular basis across all our channels, thanks to the Airbus Foundation, as part of our #AirbusDiscoverAtHome series. 

We hope this content will brighten days and indulge the curiosity of little ones and the future generation of aerospace.

How can you use this website?

The Airbus Discovery Space has set up a series of games and videos to explain what life on the Moon is about.  You can either enjoy this yourself as a simple explanation, by watching the series of videos that are all short and simple.  Otherwise, we thought that it could be fun for you to share your experience with someone else, by watching together!  You can do this by using one of the many video calling platforms there are out there, such as FaceTime, Zoom, Teams and many more.  

I don’t feel confortable using the video calling tools

Don’t worry if that is the case, next week in our second Week of the Week Tip, we will guide you through how to use Zoom, one of the biggest video conferencing platforms.  I  the meantime, you could always ask a friend to set one up for you and the person you would like to share with.

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