Let’s visit Croatia!


Have you ever been to Croatia?  It’s certainly a country I would like to get to!  I love traveling around, admiring views, discovering cultures, learning about history… the experience is always so rich! 

Finding your next destination

When looking for your next destination, how do you find out more?  Do you go to a travel agency?  Are you inspired by your friends’ and family’s trips around the world?  Sometimes even just go by your gut feeling? 

One way that is becoming increasingly popular is to watch travel videos on the internet. 

So many people make videos out of their trips nowadays that you can really get a feeling just by searching the internet!  I always look for videos before going somewhere.  They often give you insight into the various things that you’re interested in.  Whether it’s the views, the culture, the food and drink, the architecture, the monuments… there is always something there for everyone!

When I was looking for a travel video I stumbled across the one below which really made me feel like I was there – so come with me to Croatia!

Fun fact!

My girlfriend Clara and I have made a mini campervan out of a Volkswagen builders van!  Van DolomitesWe travelled around Europe last year, but decided not to go to Croatia because of bad weather.  We can’t wait for our next opportunity!  This photo was taken as we meandoured our way around the Dolomites in Northern Italy, with breathtaking scenery.

The video certainly leaves more to discover…

One part of Croatia I was surprised not to spot much of in the videos are the Plitvice Lakes.  They are reknowned for their 16 cascading lakes and 90 waterfalls!  Plitvice Lakes

Where is your favourite travel destination?

We all love sharing our travelling stories and talking about our favourite destinations.  Why don’t you let us all know what your favourite destination ever is by leaving a comment below?  You could even tell us about a particular uplifting experience!

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