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What is the most uplifting film that you would recommend to others? Let’s share our ideas of films that have been released recently and “oldies but goodies” – but must be things that are suitable for all generations.

It would also be great if these are movies that can be rented or purchased through Youtube without needing a subscription to eg Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Here are 3 suggestions to get started which include links to where you can watch either by rental (normally 48 hours at either High Definition (HD) or Standard definition (SD)) or by purchase (normally about £5).

We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions!

Dare to be Wild: The story of a young landscape designer and her quest to be selected for the Chelsea Garden Show.

To rent or buy Dare to be Wild from YouTube click here  (The film may also be available on one of the subscription services)

Julia and Julie: A young chef in New York tries to recreate all the dishes that Julia Child, the famous chef, (brilliantly acted by Meryl Streep) invented while she was living in Paris in the 1950’s. (Thanks to Age Space UK for the recommendation)

To rent or buy Julie & Julia from YouTube click here  (The film may also be available on one of the subscription services)

Waking Ned Devine: Wonderful comedy about one resident in a small town in Ireland winning the National Lottery and the locals trying to uncover the lucky winner.

To rent or buy Waking Ned from YouTube click here (The film may also be available on one of the subscription services)

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2 thoughts on “WoW Film Club”

    1. Thanks so much Patricia. We are planning on doing a special feature on iplayer and catch-up TV because I think a lot of people still find it a bit confusing and we will definitely include films and drama from there if people can suggest good things for others to watch. The problem is that things are often only available for a month so we need to get our timing right.

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