Magic Puzzles

We are most grateful to one of our followers for letting us know about Magic Puzzles, which is the best online jigsaw puzzle game we have come across.  You can choose your theme and difficulty and moving the pieces is very easy.  Perfect pastime for a rainy afternoon and no problems with the physical puzzle taking up too much room or finding the last piece is mysteriously missing!

One thing we particularly liked about this games was that there is a good free version which does not require a sign-up.  As with all apps and games please always be very careful not to sign-up to a premium/subscription version unless you are absolutely sure that you wish to commit to paying the price.

We asked our follower the question: “Is it always free? We are trying to do things that people without much money will always be able to do.

Her reply was: You have the option to buy packages but I have been doing over a year & have not been tempted by the extra packages. Can progress quite easily. I like the option of downloading your own photos which you can then do as a puzzle.”

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2 thoughts on “Magic Puzzles”

  1. Delighted to discover this. I have been using an App called Totally Fun Jigsaw with great enjoyment and it is possibly a bit simpler than this but does not have nearly such a good choice of pictures to do.

    1. Brilliant. Yes, we thought it seemed really great when it was mentioned to us. I will have to ask Dad to try making a jigsaw with one of his paintings!

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