What are the best free games?

We all do enjoy, at some point of the day, some relaxation time.  Some people enjoy reading their books, doing the gardening or making some Elderflower Cordial, others enjoy games!  This week we thought that we would provide some ideas of free games, some available on all devices (computer, tablet or mobile) and some just on tablet and mobile.  Please do let us know which ones you enjoy too, by leaving a comment below!

Guy’s recommendation: 2048

This game is a single-player sliding block puzzle game. Your objective is to slide the tiles across the grid, combining the numbers.  You can slide by using the arrows on your keyboard or swiping your finger on tablet or mobile.  When 2 tiles with the same number meet, the system squares the number.  The aim is to create a tile with 2048 on!

Fun fact!

The game 2048 was made by a 19 year-old italian developer, in the space of a weekend! 

2048 can be played on any device! 

If you are on a computer, click here.

If you are on an Apple iPhone or iPad, you can download the app by clicking here.

If you are on any other tablet or mobile, you can download the app by clicking here.

2. Iain’s (Dad) recommendation: Golf Clash


Dad is missing the golf course, and can’t get enough of this golf simulation game!  Golf Clash allows you to play against other players from around the world, in 4-5 minute golf matches – all all for free.


Unfortunately Golf Clash cannot be played on a computer. You will need a tablet or a mobile to download the app. This game is absolutely wonderful when you get used to it, but may be quite difficult to begin with for beginners. Keep at it!

3. The classic: Sudoku

Everyone enjoys a challenging game of Sudoku, right?  Here, you can get unlimited rounds, and adapt the difficulty as you wish.  

This game can be played on any device.  To start, simply follow the links below depending on whether you are using a computer, tablet or mobile.

If you are on a computer, click here.

If you are on an Apple iPhone or iPad, you can download the app by clicking here.

If you are on any other tablet or mobile, you can download the app by clicking here.


Fun fact!

In 2006, Thomas Snyder set the world record for “the fastest time to complete a Soduku puzzle with an Easy difficulty grading.” His time was 1 minute and 29.93 seconds.

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