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If you’re like me, enjoying cups of coffee always makes you feel good.  But I find that it always tastes even better if you enjoy it with someone else!  Over the past year, we have had to learn and adapt to find new ways of creating our usual social circles whilst remaining in our own homes.  So that is why today, Guy’s Guides focuses on how we can use the tools available to keep up those social interactions and conversations.  Fancy a tea party?  Watch the video below!

Simple Guide: How to Join a Zoom Call on your Computer

Super easy – now you’re ready to join any Zoom call that you get invited to!  Remember the steps:

  1. Click on the link in the email that you receive – that email will always be from a person you know.
  2. If it’s the first time you are using Zoom, remember to download the application by following the simple steps
  3. Click “Launch Meeting” to join your friends or family
  4. Make sure your sound is turned on and enjoy the chat!
  5. Need to talk to someone else and don’t want to bother everyone on the call?  Click on mute (the little microphone)

How to use Zoom on your tablet or iPad

The buttons may be in a slightly different place!  In order to follow along on how to do all this on your iPad, we have created some special videos for that too.  Just click here

Hosting your Zoom meeting and inviting others

We now know how to join a meeting that someone else has invited us too.  That’s great, and it is always nice to receive invitations.  But isn’t it nice to be able to invite too? And you can invite as many people as you wish to, for free!  How about setting up a Zoom meeting to discuss the podcast that you have been listening to?  Look no further, the video below walks you through all of the steps in order to host your own Zoom meeting.  Enjoy!

Using the Zoom App on your Mobile Device

Nowadays, more and more of us are using mobile devices, like tablets, iPads and smartphones to explore the web.  Zoom is also accessible on our mobile devices, and has its own app which is easy to use!  We thought we would create a video to show you exactly how to find, install and use the Zoom App on your Mobile device.

A Zoom Guide that you can Download and Print

Zoom is an amazing tool and if you can understand how it works it is even better.  However, we all have different ways of learning.  Some people prefer reading articles about how to use Zoom, others like watching videos to see exactly where to click to schedule my new Zoom Meeting.  And then there is a third way of learning, having a sheet that you can print out and keep by your side so that when it comes to organising your Zoom party, all you need to do is find your piece of paper.

That’s why, for the first time, we have created a Zoom Tips sheet that you can download and then print out to keep next to you.  This way, whenever you are in your next Zoom meeting, you’ll know how to mute your microphone when the phone starts ringing!

Click on the image below to download your free Guide on how to use Zoom.

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