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Are you ever frustrated because you missed the broadcasting of your favourite radio show?  This app will bring an end to that, providing you with access to all BBC radio, music and podcast content for absolutely free!

BBC Sounds, Free Music, Radio & Podcasts on Demand

BBC Sounds is accessible throughout the world, providing access to free Music, Radio and podcasts produced by the BBC.  

Do you prefer a written guide to print out?

We’ve heard from some people that having a print-out guide that you can keep next to you for future reference is useful too.  You can download and print here.

Where can I find BBC Sounds?

The BBC Sounds App is downloadable on either the Apple Store or the Play Store on any mobile device.  If you prefer using a computer, it is also available on the BBC Sounds website. I would still recommend watching our walk-through video above as the buttons, features and sections are all the same.

Listening to live radio and replays 

On the Home Page of the BBC Sounds App, you will find a menu containing all of the BBC Radio stations available.  You can listen live to each and everyone of them by clicking on the circle.

Below this menu, you can also use the Stations & Schedules button to explore upcoming shows in order to plan in advance.  The other amazing feature allows you to go back to previous episodes that have already been broadcasted.  If you’ve missed your favourite radio show from last week, there is a strong chance that you can catch up with it on the BBC Sounds App!

Listening to Podcasts on the BBC Sounds App

Podcasts are an amazing resource.  If you’re not familiar with podcasts, our article explains all about them, as well as walking you through how to explore the world of podcasts in a simple way.

The BBC Sounds app provides access to all podcasts produced by the BBC.  This includes recordings of radio shows where the presenters discussed a particular subject, as well as purposefully recorded discussions between inspiring people.  There are all sorts of podcasts on BBC Sounds, and I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your tastes!

Are you looking for ideas of what to listen to on BBC Sounds or what to watch or read?  Check out our article and video about TasteDive, a website providing recommendations for you based on what you like!

My Sounds, your personal Library on BBC Sounds

In the BBC sounds App or on the website, you can create your own personal library, full of your favourite shows, the episodes that you have saved for later and those that you have downloaded to listen to wherever you are.  You can create this library because you have your own BBC Account, so the App knows where to store all of your preferences.

Subscribing to your favourite shows

On the App, you can use the subscribe button to sign up to your favourite shows.  When you subscribe to a show (which could be a radio show or a podcast series), you can then find this show in the Subscribed section of your “My Sounds” page.  You can receive notifications about new episodes from your subscriptions, as well as seeing all of the latest episodes in the “Latest” Section.  

Bookmarking an episode for later

There may be times when you see an episode that you like the sound of, but you’re not able to listen to it at the time.  Don’t worry, you can bookmark it to create a shortcut so that you can easily find it when you get a spare moment with your cup of tea!  You can find all of your bookmarked episodes in the “Bookmarks” section of My Sounds.  This can also be useful if you have a particular series of songs that you like listening to frequently.

Downloading an episode on BBC Sounds

There are some amazing episodes of top radio shows or podcasts on the BBC Sounds App.  There’s also top quality music!  But in order to listen to qll of this, you need qn internet connection.  However, there is one solution for people who wish to listen in places where they cannot connect to the internet.  Indeed, you can download a vast majority of the content on BBC Sounds.  When you download an episode, it is stored on your device, retrievable in the “Downloads” section of My Sounds, and you can listen to it whenever and wherever!  

Do you prefer a written guide to print out?

We’ve heard from some people that having a print-out guide that you can keep next to you for future reference is useful too.  You can download and print here.

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3 thoughts on “Guy’s Guides – BBC Sounds, the listening App”

      1. Yes. I have been using the BBC Sounds App for over a year but found your explanation very helpful in giving me more confidence to find what I want and to use the extras like bookmarking and subscribing. Enjoyed Malala Yousafzai last Sunday as I was still ‘at church’ when it was broadcast, and I know the place in Swat where she comes from.

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