Guy’s 5 Top Podcast Recommendations

There are so many podcast themes, categories and shows out there these days, that if you don’t know where to start, it’s very difficult to know what to listen to first.  So here are my 5 top podcast recommendations for older people.

Podcasts for older people to listen to


After watching this video, you may be feeling excited about how much information and entertainment podcasts present, but daunted about how to listen to podcasts.  If that’s the case, look no further and check out our beginner’s guide to what podcasts are and how to explore the world of podcasts.

If you’re already comfortable with the concept of podcasts, you can find more information about the 5 podcast recommendations, as well as links so that you can listen to them straight away. 

1. Letter from America

Letter from America is a BBC Radio 4 radio show that was hosted by Alistair Cooke.  In this iconic show, Alistair presented current topical issues or news events that shaped the lives of Americans throughout the 20th century.  The show was broadcast for 58 years, with 2869 15 minute episodes all recorded by one person – making it the logest ever one-man radio show.  

You can listen to Letter from America on BBC Sounds or Apple Podcasts

Television in America, 1951, is the episode I mentioned in the video about how a daily diet of television changed lives in America in the 1950s.

2. Hancock’s Half Hour

Do you remember Tony Hancock?  From what I’ve heard, Tony was considered one of Britain’s best ever comedians.  
Hancock’s half hour had people glued to their wirelesses back in the 1950s to early 1960s.You can listen to Hancock’s Half Hour on BBC Sounds.  There are 6 series of around 10 episodes each.  One of our favourite episodes is part of series 5 and called The Threatening Letters.

How to use the BBC Sounds App

The BBC Sounds App or Website is a fantastic free library of radio, music & podcasts.  We created a beginner’s guide to the app to understand how to use all of the features available.

3. Ted Talks Daily

Ted Talks are my all-time favourite podcast to listen to.  Ted Talks are short but powerful lectures by inspirational people on a wide range of topics and areas of interest.  It has been such a success that Ted Talks are now available in a number of languages and in various different formats. 

Ted Talks Daily publishes one new episode every weekday.  You can find the talks on most podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts

4. Sleep with Me

There are even podcasts that aim to help you with your mental health.  Sleep with Me is a podcast that aims to help people who suffer from insomnia or simply a racing mind at night.  By mixing laughs and monotonous speech in a bedtime story, this show looks to succeed on their mission “the podcast that puts you to sleep. 

Sleep with Me is available on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts

5. Desert Island Discs

The fifth and final podcast recommendation for older people is one of Britain’s favourite radio shows.  Each episode features 1 castaway (a celebrity guest) who presents their choice of 8 songs, a book and a luxury item that they would take to a desert island.  
There are over 3000 episodes that have been broadcast since 1942. 

The 10 Best Ever Desert Island Discs Episodes

Bonus time!  We love Desert Island Discs so much that we went on a mission to identify the 10 best episodes of Desert Island Discs.  There are links straight through to the episodes so no need to search.

You can listen to Desert Island Discs on Apple Podcasts and BBC Sounds.

Finding more Podcast Recommendations

So there are 5 podcasts to start you off and provide you with some inspiration of what to listen to.  But it does not end there, there are so many more podcast shows out there to listen to.  In order to find more, you may like to look at our article about TasteDive, guiding you through the website that provides entertainment recommendations, including podcasts, based on what you like yourself. 

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