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Do you know what podcasts are?  During the first lockdown, I decided that it was time for me to stop watching Netflix, and listen to interesting and inspiring content – and that is where I rediscovered the world of podcasts.  I created the video below in order to share this experience with you, about what podcasts are and how you can use and explore the never-ending library out there.

A simple guide to Podcasts

Before April 2020, I had heard the word podcast many times, but had always thought that I preferred watching TV, whether it be documentaries on films.  With spare time on my hands during lockdown, I decided to do a spring clean of the apps on my phone, and in doing this came across the podcast app.  As I explored through this, I realised what a goldmine it is – a never-ending library of free entertainment, all on my phone!

What are podcasts?

Podcasts could be compared to “On-demand radio”.  In my view, it’s a bit like watching BBC iPlayer or Netflix, only you’re listening not watching!  A podcast is an audio file, stored on the World-Wide Web, that we are all able to listen to.  Anyone can create a podcast if they wish to by recording their voice and creating a new file.  This means that you can find podcasts on pretty much anything you can think of!  Podcasts generally come in series, so you can listen to the same people talk about a particular subject of interest.  You can either listen to a podcast directly on the internet with your own internet connection or you can download the podcast to your device so that you can listen to it even when you are offline. 

Finding and listening to podcasts online

There are many different ways of listening to podcasts online.  First of all, you can use Google to search for a particular podcast that you would be interested in and then browse the results.  Remember, 95% of podcasts are free so do be careful if a website asks for your card details.  A great website for podcasts is BBC Sounds.

You can also listen to podcasts on your phone or tablet by using Apps.  This will allow you to be mobile whilst listening, and also download podcasts to your device in order to listen whilst offline.

Do you prefer watching videos to listening to talks?

Don’t worry if you are more of a visual person and prefer watching videos, there is also so much out there too!  YouTube is a great library of interesting, funny and informative videos, and we created a series of guides in order to help you explore YouTube.  Check these out by clicking on the links below.

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